Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Call of Duty (CoD) has been a favorite first-person shooter video game for many gamers since its debut in 2003. While the game was initially created in its PC-compatible format, it has evolved over the years and is currently available on different platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices.

The popularity of Call of Duty propelled cryptocurrency casinos into integrating the game, allowing players to wager on different CoD tournaments and earn monetary rewards in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and other cryptocurrencies.

In fact, the game has gained dominance in the eSports betting space to the extent that it may be considered a major flaw for a casino provider not to offer Call of Duty on its platform.

What is Call of Duty?

Developed by Activision, Call of Duty, also known as CoD for short, is a first-person shooter game that focuses on its multiplayer front.

CoD initially graced the eSports betting market in 2007 when Call of Duty 4 was released. The game has since seen several iterations being deployed almost every year. However, most cryptocurrency casinos are focused on listing two main versions of CoD: the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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How to Pick the Best CoD Betting Site

Although almost every crypto betting website out there has CoD in their game categories, it is important to consider certain criteria before selecting which eSport casino to sign up for.

Research Casino Background

You will need to know the properties of your preferred casino platform. Find out details about the operators and whether or not they hold a valid license to run a betting business. Regulatory approval helps to ensure that the CoD tournament outcomes are fair regardless of whether it is in the casino’s favor.

Check Online Reviews

Don’t rely only on reviews published on the betting site to determine whether the casino is genuine. You can check social media platforms and third-party websites for honest reviews from users.

Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular payment option among online casinos in recent times. While some platforms combine fiat and crypto as payment methods, others exclusively use crypto as their default currency, especially platforms that want to keep players’ activities anonymous.

Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto betting platforms also include other coins on their lists of supported cryptocurrencies. It is important to confirm if your preferred casino will allow you to deposit and wager with your favorite crypto.

Customer Support

One way of knowing a good business is through its customer support system. As you are about to start betting on CoD tournaments, you might encounter some issues that require the attention of the casino operators. If that happens, you would want a professional customer representative to help you solve the problem.

So make sure that you can easily reach out to the casino via multiple channels such as Live Chat, email, and maybe phone.

Availability of Other eSport Games

Although Call on Duty could be your primary interest, you still need to ensure that the esport casino has other exciting games because you can never tell how quickly you may start craving other games in the same category.

If you’re someone that loves first shooter games, then your preferred casino should have games like Dota2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Call of Duty Modes

To increase your chances of winning CoD tournaments on esports casinos, you need to be familiar with three common Call of Duty modes - search and destroy, hardpoint, and control. But how do these modes work? Let’s find out.

Search and Destroy

A team of four to six players faces off against another in round-based mode. The requirement for this mode is for one team to destroy one of two objectives on the map using bombs or by killing all enemy players. Search and destroy mode is usually time-based, and the team that succeeds in completing the mission wins the round.


In this mode, a team is required to fight to control rotating objective areas on the map, with the sole aim of racking up points when it occupies the hardpoint without any contest from the other camp within a stipulated time. During the game, any team that reaches 250 points in most casinos is declared the winner of the match.


Control mode sees a team put in charge of two sites on the marker, while another team will be required to fight to win control over the areas.

The objective in this mode is straightforward: Attackers must fight to capture all zones in order to win the round within a stipulated time, while defenders will have to resist all forms of attack at the required time.

Top 3 Call of Duty Crypto Casinos

Picking the right casino to play CoD is essential. We have decided to simplify your decision by compiling a list of the top three online cryptocurrency betting websites where you can play Call of Duty.

Certain factors like licensing and registration, ease of use, security, customer service, bonuses and promotions were used as the basis for selection.:


Launched in 2013, Cloudbet is one of the oldest and most reputable crypto casinos that offers popular first-shooter games, including Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

The casino takes users’ complaints and inquiries seriously as it has taken the necessary steps to set up a professional customer support team that will address all issues. Cloudbet protects users’ funds by storing a significant portion of your money in cold storage, making it easier to reimburse users if the casino’s online wallets are compromised.


You can play CoD as well as other popular eSports games on BetOnline. The casino was founded in 2001 by a team of gambling experts. But despite launching about seven years before Bitcoin was created,  the platform has tried to remain relevant to bettors, especially CoD players.

The casino supports multiple crypto payments like BTC, ETH, DOGE, etc. User protection is guaranteed at all times, as the team has put in place adequate measures to combat any form of security threat. The support team is always available if you encounter any issues while using the platform.


BetUS is another veteran cryptocurrency esport casino that allows players to wager on Call of Duty tournaments.

The casino was launched in 1994 and has grown its user base to more than one million users. BetUS offers crypto and fiat payments, sportsbooks and casino games, as well as a lucrative bonus package for new and existing players.

CoD Frequently Asked Questions

Is Call of Duty Bitcoin Betting Legal? 

Betting on CoD using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is entirely legal. However, this only applies to players who reside in countries where online betting is not prohibited. Ensure you check the legal status of online cryptocurrency betting in your location to know whether you are allowed to play the first-shooter game or not.

How Can I Stay Safe Betting on Call of Duty?

Staying safe is necessary, especially if you want to make it big in the online cryptocurrency betting space. You may want to consider certain safety measures, such as using a reputable betting website, keeping your password safe at all times, and using 2FA.

How Can I Maximize My CoD Winnings?

There are several ways to increase your chances of winning while playing Call of Duty, like comparing CoD betting odds on different sites, playing with bonus funds, knowing when to call it a day, and accepting losses when things do not seem to be going your way.